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Skyler Gahley

(They/Them)-Voice of Giddy Cantor (STD8: Epoch) and Odd Thrill of The Ancient Rains Clan (STD8: Original)

A Seattle actor who enjoys sleeping and stickers! They have an affinity for horror, gore, and swords, and they love using all of them on stage. D&D has always been a fun stress-reliever and they’re incredibly grateful to be able to podcast about it! Skyler also has their own twitch channel as Skullor Jade.


Monica Domena

(She/They)-Voice of Haven Hawkins (STD8:Epoch) and Top Card of The Ancient Rains Clan (STD8:Original)

Monica is a Puerto Rican actor/dancer who spends her spare time hyper fixating on something new every six months and spending way too much money on dice. She loves doing the podcast because she can write off playing three games a week and listening to four d&d actual play games as “research” now. Monica likes D&D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini, and croquet. She can't swim, she can’t dance, and she doesn’t know karate.