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Do you have a question for the Save The D8? Theories about the show? Have an idea for the show?

Let us know here!If your idea is chosen for the show, we will make you an NPC in the story. Once we get enough questions and/or theories, we will do a special Q and A episode for free!

You can also email us at:

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You can also join our Facebook Page:


All you need to play Dungeons and Dragons is a pen, some paper, a set of dice and an imagination!

Wizards of The Coast has released a multitude of free content for people to play for free!

You can find all of their content at this link:


You can get the basic rules here:

Download free character sheets here:

You can make your own or grab a pre-generated one if you’d like. Online Dice Rollers(ask your DM first!):

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